Vetiver -Natural Slope Stability

Vetiver – Natural Slope Stability

Vetiver – Natural Slope Stability

Stabilisation of Natural Slopes, Cuttings and Embankments

  • Vetiver Grass  provides natural slope stability, through its incredible root system. Once established can grow to 3-4m deep. Depending where the Vetiver is grown the length of time this will take will vary. In the UK this could well take more than 2 years


  • The roots are dense, extensive, fibrous and reinforce the soil against erosion and slippage. The fibrous roots have a tested tensile strength of around 75MPa. This greatly improves the shear strength of the soil. Making it an environmentally sustainable solution for slope stabilisation. The root system also removes water from the soil. This reduces the hydraulic pressure on the slope, decreasing the risk of slippage


  • Lines of Vetiver can contour natural slopes, cuttings and filled embankments. The deep roots help stabilise the slope structurally, whilst the shoots disperse rain run-off and help sediment to build up.


  • Vetiver stabilises slopes for 200km along the Hi Chi Minh Highway in Vietnam. It has stood the test of time over the last 14 years

Vetiver in the UK

  • A tropical grass and that is able to withstand temperatures to -15oC, but it is unlikely to grow in the UK as quickly or robustly as it does in Tropical and Mediterranean regions. Vetiver grass grows in the south of the UK with some success, but has not ye  been utilised for slope stabilisation. It is likely to take longer to reach maturity in the UK and therefore will not provide as much slope stability during that period. Vetiver Grass UK is undertaking extensive trials as part of a PhD Research project to assess the viability of using Vetiver for this purpose. We believe that by using more mature plants and planting closer together then Vetiver will still provide some protection to slope. Although not to slopes with immediate slippage issues. It is suitable to use in conjunction with other stabilising materials



  • Vetiver Grass UK supplies plants that are more mature, with a greater root density and more shoots, to ensure that they establish quicker in the cooler UK climate.